Does Bitcoin have intrinsic value? The case for its energy usage and four real life applications.

Does Bitcoin have intrinsic value?

Imagine this: If people globally were to hire an army to guard a vault full of gold and staff to count the gold coming in and out, making sure the truth is maintained, and…

Disclaimer: This is my preliminary understanding derived from various sources I’ve read. This is subject to change as I learn more and as new data arrive, everything written below is NOT medical advice. I am not sponsored or linked to any vaccine producer.

All vaccines in the pipeline (Source:

A summary of what I’ve learnt about the current landscape of vaccines

There are eight main types of vaccines…

I recently had a chat with friends about Bitcoin and a few common questions popped up:

“What is it? Why does it increase in price? Who’s backing it?”

And a few reasons why my friends don’t think that Bitcoin is worth investing in:

“It’s just a bubble, there’s no one…

In the last few months, the world as we know it has been turned upside down, half of the world population have been in lockdown, so many people have lost their jobs, some have even lost their lives. …

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