The better world after Coronavirus

Hannah Do
2 min readApr 20, 2020


In the last few months, the world as we know it has been turned upside down, half of the world population have been in lockdown, so many people have lost their jobs, some have even lost their lives. In the middle of the grim news, I’d like us to look away from the disaster for a second and imagine a rainbow after rain.

What if we could focus only on the positive, on a better world after Coronavirus?

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People will work from home and only travel where necessary, streets will no longer be overcrowded, air quality will be a lot cleaner, people can afford to live further away from the city and closer to nature, gardening is the new travel.

People will cook healthy meals at home instead of going to restaurants, more people will buy locally and grow their own food. Healthier, less processed food will be consumed and healthier adults and children as a result.

Care jobs will be better paid while many driving, retail, warehouse jobs will be replaced by robots. Social security like universal income will be the norm in many developed nations. Extreme poverty eradicated.

Local childcare with less hours due to parents no longer need for commuting and families realise the importance of spending time together, families are stronger as a result. Neighbours will know and support each other more, the society as a whole becomes more tightly knit and more supportive.

Higher education will be done mostly online resulting in better, cheaper access to the best education in the world for everybody. Poor countries will be lifted out of poverty as a result of this access to education.

Self service will be the norm leading to a rise in infrastructure and appliances to facilitate self services: Food delivery, goods delivery, kitchen appliances, robot cleaners, robot gardeners, smaller garden farming appliances, vertical gardens, seeds, home entertainment, gaming, home brewing, huge fridges, solar roof, etc

People will still meet friends and family, both physically and digitally. The digital experience will be revamped with the next batch of companies turning into unicorns.

A large part of the portfolio will die off making space for another part to grow: infrastructure, automation, self service, entertainment, care, robotics. While many startups die as funding dry up, the ones who adapt survive and thrive. While some people seek a safe haven, this might be one of the best times to start a startup for the future.

In your opinion, what would the world after Coronavirus look like in a positive case scenario?

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